Carrera Digital 143

Carrera Digital 143 at a cheap price

The Carrera brand is one of the leading slot brands in the world and with its Carrera Digital system in 1:43 scale it is giving a twist to the initiation level, bringing much more playability than any other brand in the market. A real season hit!

These are the products of Carrera Digital 143 that have become bestsellers in 2020 thanks to the choice of most of the fans on this slot scale:

Bestseller No. 1
Carrera DIGITAL 143 GT Race Club 20040039 Car Racing Track Set
  • 2 x Carrera Digital 143 vehicles in the set: Porsche GT3 Cup - Lechner Racing "Carrera Race Taxi" and the Ferrari 488 GT3 "AF Corse, No. 488 inches
  • Digital race track racing fun for up to 3 drivers
  • Premium race track in scale 1:43 for real motor sports fans
  • Full speed lane change and overtake at the touch of a button
  • Recommended age: 6 years and over
Bestseller No. 2
Carrera Digital 143 Audi Rs 5 Dtm M. Rock Feller, No. 99 "
  • Slotcar
  • Faithful Verarbeitung
  • Scale 1: 43
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Suitable from 6 years
Bestseller No. 3
Carrera 20041422 Digital 143 Mercedes-AMG GT DTM Safety Slot Car, Silver, Colored
  • Mercedes-AMG GT in action as a DTM Safety Car
  • DIGITAL 143
  • With light function
  • 1:43 scale
  • From age 6
Bestseller No. 4
Carrera 20041410 Digital 143 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe 112" Slot Car, Red
  • Mercedes AMG Gran Turismo in fire department design
  • DIGITAL 143
  • With blue light function
  • 1:43 scale
  • From age 6
Bestseller No. 5
Carrera 20041436 Digital 143 Mercedes-AMG GT3 Mann-Filter Team HTP, No.47 Slot Car, Yellow
  • Mercedes-AMG GT3 "MANN-FILTER Team HTP, No.47"
  • DIGITAL 143
  • With an official Mercedes license
  • 1:43 scale
  • From age 6
Bestseller No. 6
Carrera 20061648 GO/Digital 143 Single Lane Circle with Deco Slot Car Racing Accessory
  • Single lane circle with decorative element
  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!
  • Package contents: 8 x track parts, 1 x decorative element, 12 x track connectors, 4 x double track connectors
Bestseller No. 7
Carrera 20061646 GO/Digital 143 High Banked Curve 2/45° (4) Slot Car Racing Accessory
  • Steep corner 2/45° as a sophisticated track element for your Carrera race track
  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!
  • For extending your race track on a scale of 1:43
  • Package contents: 4 pieces incl. supports
SalesBestseller No. 8
Carrera Go 20061616 GO/Digital 143 Junction Slot Car Racing Accessory
  • Extension part – intersection on a scale of 1:43
  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!
  • For more action on the race track
  • Package contents: 1 piece
Bestseller No. 9
Carrera, Black 20061614 Digital 143 Extension Set 3
  • 16 track sections for your DIGITAL 143 race track
  • DIGITAL 143
  • To extend the race track
  • Package contents: 8 straight sections 342 mm, 4 corners 1/45 degrees, 4 steep corners 1/45 degrees incl. supports
Bestseller No. 10
42013 Carrera Digital 143 2.4GHz Wireless+ Set with 2 Speed Controllers
  • Wireless speed controller for Carrera DIGITAL 143
  • DIGITAL 143
  • Up to 15 m range
  • Package contents: 2x WIRELESS+ speed controllers incl. charging cradle and connecting track
Bestseller No. 11
Carrera, Blue 20041438 Digital 143 BMW M4 DTM P.Eng, No.25 Slot Car
  • BMW M4 DTM "P.Eng, No.25"
  • DIGITAL 143
  • With official BMW and DTM license
  • 1:43 scale
  • From age 6
Bestseller No. 12
Carrera 20061613 GO Digital 143 Looping Set Slot Car Racing Accessory
  • Extension looping on a scale of 1:43
  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!
  • Action feature for the race track
  • Package contents: 8 x looping parts with supports

✌️ The best quality on the market in 1:43 tracks and cars..

🏎 Buy Carrera Digital 143: Prices and offers

If you already know the Carrera brand and its great quality in tracks and circuits we don’t have much more to tell you about it, since its fame precedes it. Its tracks are durable and resistant and its cars fascinate young and old alike, because of their high level of detail.

Now we are going to get to know the Digital Race system on a scale of 1:43, a system suitable for children as from 6 years old, that allows them to play with up to 3 cars simultaneously.

This increase in fun on the smaller scale of the slot is one of the brand’s great projects for the present and future, since having a digital slot circuit on a scale of 1:43 is something very new.

The 1:43 scale Digital Racetrack offers the possibility of changing lanes and overtaking at the touch of a button, with the cars being easily coded with the control. Something never seen before in 1:43.

👉 Digital Race Circuits 1:43

There are many circuits for Carrera Digital 143, each one focused on a specific audience according to their preferences. Luckily for the fan, there are many options in the 1:43 digital system.

Below you will find a selection of what we consider to be the most exciting and which are standing out lately due to the great acceptance of their users:

👉 Cheap Digital Race Cars 1:43

The range of cars of the Carrera brand in its Digital 143 category is enormous. You have everything that relates to the world of motoring: Formula 1, Rally, DTM and also the cars and circuits of your favourite Mario Kart characters. All in digital format.

👉 Accessories for tracks Carrera Digital 143

And if you already have a circuit and want to add more fun and options to play, we share with you a selection of the most demanded accessories.

Track crossings, jumps, ideal sections for overtaking, decoration and much more to give more excitement to your competition in the Carrera Digital 143 circuits. We show you several products that stand out for their quality and price.

💬 Carrera digital video 1:43 reviews

In general the opinions about the tracks and cars are very good. For an affordable price you get one of the best slot games on the market. Here we put a video in which you can see how it works:

More on Carrera Digital

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