Cheap Scalextric spare parts

💥 Cheap Scalextric spare parts

One of the most important aspects to have our Scalextric cars ready are the spare parts such as tyres, braids, lights and various parts such as mirrors or spoilers.

In this article we want to give you several options, some at market price and others somewhat cheaper, so that you can successfully repair your slot cars.

Obviously the items with cheaper prices and without a brand will not be of the same quality as the popular brands but if you are getting started in the slot hobby you may be able to play without spending a lot of money.

Some of the cheapest unbranded spare parts can be found on Amazon and are as follows:

➡️ Cheap braids on Amazon

It is a spare part for slot cars, not only Scalextric brand, which can be found at Amazon at a very good price. We advance you that for competition it is not going to serve you but to throw a few races with friends or with your children sure that they serve you.

The braids or “brushes” as they are commonly known are accessories that tend to wear out and deform with use so having spare parts on hand is a way of being able to continue enjoying your cars without stopping.

This is the offer that we put within your reach if you need braids or simply want to have them as a spare for when they are worn out. For each roll comes a meter and a half of spare that can give up to 30 cars if you dedicate 2.5 cm to each braid..:

5 Reels 3.0mm Wide 150cm Reel Desoldering Braid Wick Flux Coated Desolder Mop Wire
  • 3.0mm Wide 150cm Reel Desoldering Braid Wick Flux Coated Desolder Mop Wire

By the way, if you don’t know how to change the braids, don’t miss this tutorial in which we tell you step by step how to do it:

If what you need is a better braid, we recommend these from brands such as or Carrera, among others. No doubt the result will be better but the price will be a little higher, and depends on the use you’re going to give them.

➡️ Tyres at a good price

When you play a lot one of the pieces of slot cars that resent more are the tyres, especially if you like to take cross curves and go out burning wheel on the straight.

Changing tyres is very easy, the hard part is finding them at a good price. To reduce your search time, soon we will select offers of tyres that could be considered the most frequent measure in Scalextric cars that usually have most fans.

Pay attention to these lines as we will be to hunt for the best offer and share it here with you.


➡️ Slot car rims

If what you need are new wheels either to change the aesthetics of your cars or because the axle has ended up perforating the plastic of the wheel (which is not so strange to happen), we bring you several of the simplest (customizable as you will see below) and also economical despite being a good brand as

➡️ Hubcaps for slot cars

If you want to go to the next level we suggest you use slot car hubcaps. With this you can easily change the aesthetics of your wheels and prepare the car according to the occasion.

➡️ Cockpit lexan

For our slot cars to do better times by reducing their weight, one of the most basic interventions is to change the drivers’ tray (cockpit) that comes as standard for a lexan, which is a much lighter material.

It is true that all the realism and details of the drivers are lost, but if what we want is more speed, with this we are going to scratch a little time on the chronometer.

These are several examples of these lexan driver trays:

➡️ Ailerons, guides, springs, etc

If what you are looking for are smaller parts of the type of guides, spoilers, springs, etc… depending on the model of car it is more or less difficult to find that type of spare parts, but even so we are going to put some that we have selected as an example.

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