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Ninco comes back to the world of the slot in scale 1:32 with two new circuits that look spectacular at first glance. This will suppose a big competition for brands like Scalextric or Carrera.

The novelties Ninco is bringing are two large 1/32 circuits under the denomination “Grand Track 1:32” and “GT Race Circuit 1:32”. There will also be new Audi R8 GT3 cars, with different decorations.

Ninco WRC GT Trident 1:43 Scale Slot Circuit with Bridges and Loops 8 m Cars with Lights 91016
  • Ninco - WRC GT Tridente 1:43 scale slot circuit with bridges and loops. 8 m. Cars with lights. 91016

Take a look in detail at these new circuits that Ninco will soon be marketing. If you are looking for a place to buy the new Ninco circuits, we would like to tell you that they will be available on this website.

All the information about the new cars and new circuits Ninco

Ninco Grand Track 1:32

This is a 1:32 scale circuit with a design that leaves no slot fan indifferent, consisting of 29 tracks. Its layout is spectacular!

The Ninco high quality rink system is manufactured in Spain. Big fans of the brand will remember the durability and resistance of the tracks that Ninco have always manufactured.

Ninco Grand Track 2020 circuit

This circuit includes two Audi R8 GT3 cars that the brand describes as “ultra-fast”. Considering the previous models Ninco marketed, we believe thet it will be as promised.

Ninco Grand Track price

The price of the Ninco Grand Track will be 199.99 euros as announced by Ninco itself. Comparing it with other options on the market, we believe that is more or less in line with what is marketed by Scalextric Advance or Digital Race 132, even a bit cheaper.

The circuit will be marketed under the manufacturer’s reference 20194 and will have a length of 8.51 metres. A space of at least 2.46 x 1.34 metres will be required for its staging.

Ninco Grand Track 2020 circuit
Ninco 91015 WRC GT Modena Circuit Slot 1:43 Scale with Bridge and Looping 5m Cars with Lights
  • The famous GT circuit of Modena on a small scale 1:43 with 5 meters of route. Includes two famous racing cars
  • Realism is present in every detail of the circuit: bridge and looping, cars with light, snow track and wave tracks; combine and enjoy its 4 tracks
  • Controls adapted to the ergonomics of the little ones to increase the functionality of the game
  • Enjoy it big thanks to the TURBO button, which provides a controlled increase in speed
  • Recommended from 4 years

Ninco GT Race Circuit 1:32

As Ninco itself has described it, the GT RACE Circuit is the perfect circuit in scale 1:32 for those who want to make an initiation process in the world of the slot.

Ninco GT Race 2020 Circuit

This is an interesting route that has been designed with the idea of being able to play in any room of the house without the need of a big space.

As we have mentioned before, the tracks are of great quality and resistance, and like the Grand Track comes equipped with two spectacular Audi R8 GT3 cars.

Where to buy Ninco’s GT Race circuit and its price

Ninco’s GT Race 1:32 circuit will be marketed at a price of 149.99 under the manufacturer’s reference 20195. It will run for 6.60 metres and will require a space of 2.95 x 0.99 metres.

Circuito Ninco GT Race 2020

Ninco 2020 slots cars in 1:32 scale

Ninco has surprised their fans with new cars that can be purchased separately from the circuits. The cars will be the Audi R8 GT3 models, distinguished by the numbers 1, 2, 6 and 7.

Ninco’s new Audi will be released at a price of 34.99 euros and will follow the usual 1:32 scale system of recent years.

Ninco’s Audi R8 GT3 in 1/32 scale is mounted on NINCO’s universal chassis, with the traditional bodywork injected with ABS material made with great care for all kinds of details.

News Audi R8 GT3 Ninco 1:32

These cars, having their centre of gravity in a very low position, make them quite competitive for speed circuits.

These slots cars have been designed to be compatible with the various 3D chassis currently used in competitions.

As standard, this type of 1:32 slot car in the GT category is configured with an in-line engine and rear-wheel drive.

Among other features of these cars, we could highlight its 20,000 rpm NC-5 engine, the suspension guide, its Ultra-grip rear tyres, the low profile front tyres, and its weight, only 75 grams.

While waiting until the cars go on sale, we invite you to read these articles that we think may interest you..

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