Scalextric de iniciación baratos y en liquidación

Scalextric Initiation from 3 years

For children who are taking their first steps in the slot hobby and need to stimulate their psychomotor skills, the world of Scalextric has several products that can be perfect.

✅ Beginner slot circuit offers

There are several brands that make this type of circuit, more basic, without any difficulty for the little ones to just enjoy the game and also the assembly process.

🏎 The Scalextric of the smallest: MyFirst Scalextric

My First Scalextric G1150 Mains Powered Race Set - Analogue
  • New and improved track system for 2019!
  • A introduction to the world of Scalextric featuring an easy-to-assemble figure-of-eight track
  • Colour coded track pieces make this an easy to assemble starter set
  • 1: 64 scale
  • Mains powered

Among them we find MyFirst Scalextric, a very basic slot circuit in which children can enjoy with simple and rounded shapes.

This type of circuit comes with no small parts, all are large for safety, and barely takes up any space when assembled or stored, as it is foldable.

The pieces are placed on the folding panel as a template and connected to the power supply but without achieving great speed the cars, being handled with large steering wheels with two buttons, one yellow and one red.

If you press only yellow you go at a slow speed and if you press both you accelerate a little more. In this video you can see how is the form, assembly and operation of My First Scalextric.

The game comes in many colours and shapes that stimulate the senses of the little ones, introducing them to the world of slot in a basic but fun way.

Scalextric My First and Scalextric Driving School

There are several types, there is the normal one and also the My First Scalextric Driving School version, to practice road education while enjoying the game.

Scalextric Código Lyoko

There is also a version featuring Lyoko Code characters that mixes the world of Scalextric initiation with block building games. Its name is Scalextric Construblock Code Lyoko.

The size is somewhat larger as the Compact version is in 1:43 scale, but with adult supervision it can be a lot of fun to build and play.

Without a doubt a safe bet of fun that promotes interactivity between the little ones of the house and their parents.

🏎 Slot initiation circuit: Carrera First

The brand of tracks and cars Slot, Carrera, has within its catalogue a perfect product for children from three years of age.

This is a beginners’ circuit called Carrera First, which is easy to set up and promises many hours of fun for young people starting out in the world of slot racing.

There are many types, notably the following, characterised by the cartoon, film and video game characters that are most popular at that age:

✪ Cars Race Circuit

They are licensed by Disney Pixar and themed with the film Cars. We find both the first ones that came out with the film as a slot version and other more modern ones:

🏎 Carrera First Rayo McQueen y Dinoco Cruz
Carrera 20063010 First Rayo Mcqueen, Dinoco Cruz Disney·Pixar Circuit Cars, Black, 2.4 m
  • Brand: Disney
  • Scale: 1/43
  • Very durable
  • Warning: All Carrera FIRST components are incompatible with any other Carrera system
🏎 Carrera First Rayo McQueen y Jackson Storm
Carrera First Disney/Pixar CARS
  • The first Racing for children over 3 years
  • With Lizenzspezifischen decorative elements
  • Battery operated, convenient to carry.
  • Rails and transport, scale 1: 50
  • Easy to use
🏎 Carrera First Cars 1
Carrera First Disney Pixar Cars Slot Racing Track
  • Brand: Disney
  • Age: 3 years+
  • The ultimate racing experience for kids
  • Track length: 2.4 meter
🏎 Carrera First Cars 3 Fast Not Last

✪ Carrera First Mickey Mouse

There is also a Carrera First Mickey Mouse and the Roadster Racers circuit where Mickey and his friends can compete by driving the cars.

Carrera 20063029 Mickey Mouse Slot
  • Brand: Disney
  • Scale: 1/50
  • Dimensions: 93 x 45 cm
  • Circuit: 2.4 m (7.87 ft)

✪ Carrera First Nintendo Mario Kart

The Carrera First Nintendo Mario Kart circuit, with the video game’s characters as drivers, stands out, as it does on other racing scales.

🏎 Carrera First Nintendo Mario Kart
20063014 - FIRST MARIO KART -
  • 2 x vehicles included in the set: Nintendo Mario Kart - Mario, Nintendo Mario Kart - Yoshi
  • Ergonomic hand control, specially designed for children's hands
  • Battery operated
  • Recommended for children over 3 years
  • Exciting licensed themes
🏎 Carrera First Nintendo Mario Peach
  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Scale: 1/50

✪ Carrera First Star Wars

The Carrera First collection also includes the film Star Wars, with the Carrera First Star Wars Disney circuit.

  • This box contains a complete race track with car so that they can challenge your friends at the same time.
  • You can control your car with a remote control.
  • Suitable for ages 3 +

✪ Carrera First

We can find other circuits licensed for Carrera First such as

🏎 Carrera First Mini Cooper

Two cars of the famous “Mini Cooper” models, with their characteristic British air, compete on this circuit.

Carrera 20063009 First Mini Cooper, Toy Vehicle
  • This box contains a complete race track with car so that they can challenge your friends at the same time.
  • You can control your car with a remote control.
  • Suitable for ages 3 +
  • Model number: 20063009
🏎 Carrera First Ferrari

On this circuit the youngest will be able to drive their first Ferraris on a slot scale.

Carrera 20063015 Ferrari Set, Multi
  • Cars included: Ferrari (red) and Ferrari (yellow)
  • Battery operated, (REQ. 4 Type C batteries - not included). track length (ft)/ (m): 7, 87/ 2, 4. Size (lxw in ft/ cm): 3, 05 x 1, 48/ 93 x 45
  • Included: connecting track with battery box, 2 speed controller, straights, curves, supports and decorative elements

All these options of initiation to the world of Scalextric and slot in general for children are perfect as a gift so that they can become fond of it and then move on to play with larger scales, such as 1:43 and 1:32.

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